Past Events

Check out below for information about and results of past NPMA events:

In 1994, Ken Tallack, along with his teenaged children Rob and Alicia, moved to Kingston, Ontario, to continue teaching Martial Arts to the Canadian public after living in Japan for a number of years.

The vision of the martial arts community coming together for issues beyond those of personal gain had become very evident to Mr. Tallack through guidance from various masters of Budo in Japan.

He felt strongly that group efforts such as tournaments or seminar weekends should be done for the common good, not the enrichment of individuals.

With that in mind he set out to produce a series of not-for-profit events that continued through the decades to today (and hopefully beyond).

Our on-going events have included the below, with the recipients of funds raised noted.

  • Karate Kicks Cancer 1995-1996
    • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Ken Tallack’s Kingston City Championships 1995-2016
    • Sen Rafael Orphanage in Haiti
    • Boys and Girls Clubs, and
    • DNBK Canadian Branch
  • Salvation Army Christmas Hamper Campaign, 1999-Current
    • Kingston Salvation Army
  • End of school year Tournament and Karate Games, 2000-Current
    • Boys and Girls Clubs, and
    • Kingston Food Bank

Some of our individual fundraising efforts have also included:

  • Kobe Japan Earthquake relief: 1995
    • Japanese Red Cross
  • Manitoba Flood Relief efforts: 1996
    • Canadian Red Cross
  • Youth For Christ Organization, Kingston, ON: 1999
  • DNBK Canadian Branch Youth Travel ¬†Funds: 2004, 2007, 2011, 2015
    • Local DNBK youth members
  • Yard Sale for a cause:
    • Individual Recipients:
      • 2004 – Chrissy Molnar,
      • 2013 – Drew Cumpson (In desperate need of a home breathing apparatus),
      • 2015 – 5th World Butokusai in Kyoto, Japan
  • Fukushima Japan Disaster Relief: 2011
    • DNBK Japan Office (Who drove a a truck of supplies to the area)

We continue to stay busy planning events and activities for our Martial Arts Community to support.

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