Hanshi Ken Tallack, Tallack Martial Arts, and Renshi Kyle Cochrane invite you to a special online seminar training event on Saturday February 20th.
Please feel free to share this information with any of your fellow instructors or students you might think interested.
As many are missing our usual training right now, this is a great opportunity to get some online seminar training with fellow martial artists across all of Canada in the comfort and safety of your own home.
Seminars will be taught by multiple master instructors teaching many different martial art styles that you are welcome to try.
The event is run through ZOOM Meetings from 1 to 4 PM EST on Saturday February 20th. Please see the event poster and schedule below so you can have some more information and see which instructors are teaching at what times.
The event website features more updates and information regarding the event – https://www.wintertrainingfestival.com
And registration is done quickly and easily online through EventBrite – https://2021wintertrainingfestival.eventbrite.ca
If you have any questions or wish to know more information, please contact Renshi Cochrane, the event organizer at wintertrainingfestival@gmail.com.
I hope you find the opportunity to join this wonderful event to keep your training spirited and support our fellow martial arts family.

2021 Schedule v4

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